Help Me Prepare For a Panel About Social Media Strategies For Large Brands and Personal Brands

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What's This Sweaty Video About?

In this sweaty video, I'm asking for your help.  I'm moderating a panel at the ProductCamp SoCal conference this Saturday, November 6.  I’m proud to be moderating a discussion with highly esteemed social medians including:  Scott Schang of HomeOwnership University, Kirsten Wright of WrightCreativity, Stacey Harmon of Harmon Enterprises, and  Cindy Ronzonni.  These are a few friends of mine from the Social Mastermind roundtable in Orange County.

The ProductCamp conference is a type of barcamp where people get together to learn and network with other professionals involved in the Brand / Product Management, Marketing and Development processes.  Everyone participates in any or all of the following ways:  presenting, leading discussions, active learning or volunteering in other capacities.

The beauty is there's no charge to attend.  That's because there aren't any speaker fees.  All of the professionals who attend can, at once, be either or both a presenter or an attendee / learner.  In fact, often times people who attend expecting to "sit in" as a learner often find that they have expertise and knowledge to contribute to the group discussion.  Anybody can be a presenter / facilitator at any time.  Oh yeah, and since there isn't any "pitching" of our respective businesses allowed during the sessions, the focus refreshingly remains on the various topics at hand.

Here's How You Can Help Me

Anyway, one of the sessions is this panel I'm moderating.  The topic is Social Media Strategies for Large Brands and Personal Brands.  I have some questions I'm starting to prepare.  And, certainly I'm sure the attendees will have their own questions, as well.  But, I wanted to also see if I could come prepared with a few questions from you.

So, I'd love to get your assistance here.  Could you post, in the comments section below, one or two questions you'd like this panel to answer, or you're also welcome to post your own thoughts about the matter.   Just click in the box below and post your thoughts as a comment.

I do plan on shooting a video of the panel.  I'll post the video here on my blog after the panel.

Thanks!  Now, click the box below and give me one or two questions or thoughts about Social Media Strategies (to consider) for Large Brands and Personal Brands.

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7 Responses to Help Me Prepare For a Panel About Social Media Strategies For Large Brands and Personal Brands

  1. Matt says:

    I think it is different. One of the key differences that I can think of right now is larger brands have more of a reach and more money to throw around. This increases the odds of something going viral or getting seen, possibly. I wonder, could the Old Spice guy be as successful if it were a smaller brand? Interesting question for discussion, I’m looking forward to see you there!

    • Mel says:

      Thanks for your comments, Matt. I’ve jotted your points and will bring them up with the panel tomorrow.

  2. Dennis Austin says:

    Mel, one question that comes to mind that usually spurs some diversity of responses is how social media can be used to help in the product design phase of your widget or service before actually rolling out with it. Would love to see your post later. Thanks!

  3. How to automate and NOT automate. For example, want to remind people about something new with your brand, no problem to put that in HootSuite to go out tomorrow at 10. Any automation beyond that is a huge turn off to your followers, and will encourage people to say thanks but no thanks to that follow button.

    • Mel says:

      Thank you, Anna. Automation is a great point to raise with the panel. It’s one of those things that can be powerful… but not everyone always uses it for “the powers of good.” :) I’ve added your point to the list of questions I plan on raising. Thank you.

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