What’s in the Fourth Level of a Social Media ROI Value Assessment?

Part 3 in the Four Levels ROI Series

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From What's in the Fourth Level of a Social Media ROI Value Assessment? Note: To view this document, you must use Adobe Reader (not Mac's Preview or other PC viewers). This is an interactive mindmap from the video presentation of the source article (above). It's in a PDF player format. It's interactive. The branches are expandable. Also, click the links in the "Read Later" branch to get the reference material I mentioned.

In my last video presentation on this topic (ref: Why ROI Means Return On Influence) I presented a model that could help explain why we have such a difficult time answering questions about the value of social media programs.  (i.e., Social Media's ROI - Return On Investment.)  Quite simply, there's a disconnect between the nature of the question being asked, and the language we use to answer it.

The ROI question itself is a "Level 4" question.  The thing is, the labels we use to try and answer it (e.g., page views, engagement, tweets, follows, friends, visits, etc.) are usually grounded in metrics that are more appropriate for addressing lower level assessments (Levels 1, 2 and 3).  (See "Why ROI Means Return On Influence" for an overview of the 4 levels of social media value assessments.)

Level 4 Social Media Value Assessment Explained

Check out the video above (the third in a series).  It expands Level 4 and explains the role of KBOs, KPIs, Targets, Strategies and Tactics in an economic value assessment of a social media program.

There are also a couple of books I'm happy to recommend if you're interested in exploring this topic further.  One is a great new book by Olivier Blanchard, Social Media ROI (2011).  The other is actually a book published in 1995 by Daryl Conner, Managing at the Speed of Change.

Are you in a role that requires you to justify the value of programs to either clients or company managers?  What challenges do you see in explaining the value of a new program?

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