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Creating Screencasts on the iPad Just Got a Step Closer

I took ScreenChomp for a quick test drive and produced this screencast video. Although edited in Camtasia, the screencast itself was recorded entirely on the iPad. Continue reading
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What Do You Think Of Google Plus So Far?

Two interviews about Google Plus (Google+). One gives the perspective of new media specialists from Orange County, CA. The other is an interesting take from a member of Gen-Y (Millenials). Continue reading
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Download the Interactive Meeting Notes From SMMOC’s July 9 2011 Meetup

Here are the downloadable meeting highlight notes from the SMMOC meetup on July 9, 2011. It includes links to key sites, personalities and photos of meeting white boards. Continue reading
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Facebook’s ‘something awesome’ is Skype integration

Facebook set some high expectations earlier this week when Mark Zuckerberg announced to reporters that they would be announcing "something awesome" today. Turns out, it's Skype. Continue reading
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Who Paid for Lunch?

My dad was behind paychecks when the lunch lady told me I was out of money... Continue reading
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