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We’re Starting a New Social Business Professionals Group

We're starting a new social business professionals group in North Orange County, CA. If you're near Fullerton, CA, feel free to join us. But, if not, we'll be livestreaming it. So, feel free to join that way, too... Continue reading
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6 Factors Of Social Influence – Why You Should Fight For Them

This audio snippet is from a bit of backstory I tee'd up recently with a few colleagues. It was a bit about why I think issues of trust and transparency are so important to you and me. And why we need to retaliate when... Continue reading
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[Off-topic Rant - Part 2] The Nuclear Social Button: Just Because You Can Push It Doesn’t Always Mean You Should

After having just told you yesterday about getting dis'd in a big way by a hotel desk clerk following my step-dad's reported stroke, I wanted to blast the chain via all the social media sites. So, here's what I did... Continue reading
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A word about who ELSE to thank on Veteran’s day

As a veteran, I thank you all for thinking of, and honoring, my brothers and sisters in arms. That said, I'd also like to put out a special "And..." Continue reading
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[Off-topic Rant] The Nuclear Social Button: Would You Push It In This Case?

"...Wayne's in the hospital... he may have had a stroke..." That was the gist of the voicemail I got. And that was before the schmuck at the hotel's front desk got all indignant about his "inconvenience" at routing calls. What would you have done here? Continue reading
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Social Learning and My ‘Best Of’ List From DevLearn11

When I hit the DevLearn11 conference last week, I was definitely out looking for case studies in social learning. And I found them. Here's my pick for the top 6 events from my sessions at last week's DevLearn conference. Continue reading
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DevLearn Day 3 (Last Day) Highlights – Tools and Tips For Making Learning Social

Here's the download link for the Day 3 mindmap notes I took from the last day of sessions at last week's DevLearn. You'll be especially interested to learn about LawLine's "Freemium" model for social learning. Check it out. Continue reading
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