DevLearn Day 3 (Last Day) Highlights – Tools and Tips For Making Learning Social

eLearning Guild DevLearn 2011 Day 3 Mindmap

Here below is the download link for the Day 3 mindmap notes I took from the sessions I attended on the last day of DevLearn last week.  If you were at DevLean (let’s connect!) then you’ll remember Day 3 was a short day.  So, not surprising, you’ll see only two sessions in these notes.

Nov 4 (Day 3-Last Day): DevLearn 2011 Highlights (Interactive Mindmap) - Tools and Tips for Making Learning Social (v-1.0)|2.46 MB|downloads: 980
Remember: You have to use Adobe Reader (NOT Mac 'Preview' or other PC 'viewers') to view this document. This opens in an INTERACTIVE Mindmap viewer. It has expandable branches and live hyperlinks. (Source)

I liked both sessions.  Terrence Wing’s session on Facebook – Fad or Powerful Learning Engine was really helpful to see what else is possible on a Facebook Page when you integrate iframed learning objects into it.  Something new I hadn’t considered previously was the ability to integrate an Articulate Presenter learning object into a Facebook Page.

Meanwhile, after an admittedly lackluster start to their presentation, I found myself ultimately drawn in to David Schnurman and Jeff Reekers‘ tips about how they implemented social learning into their online platform at  Their site for CLE- (Continuing Legal Education-) based training has a compelling Freemium model; essentially, Lawline provides their educational video library for free while monetizing it lawyers pay for certification.  Take a look at my notes from their session.  As you do, pay special attention to their suggestions about 3 Influential Movements in Social Learning, as well as the section on How You Can Make It Easier to Learn (Socially).

What Were Your ‘Wow’ Sessions at DevLearn?

How about you?  How was your time at DevLearn?  What would you say is the single (or which are the two) most compelling sessions you attended last week?

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