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The YouTube Annotations Video Revisited – Video Optimization Analysis

On the recommendation of a friend, I took the opportunity to review James Wedmore's YouTube video traffic course. Here's what I have to say about it after having taken a look at the video optimization module. Continue reading
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How to skip to a timecode in EMBEDDED YouTube video

This post shows you how to skip to a specific timecode in a YouTube video that's EMBEDDED on YOUR site. This is a great technique for keeping visitors on your site even as you direct them to specific points directly in the video. Continue reading
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How to Use Google Analytics and Google Goals

Here's a curated primer about how to use Google Analytics. From signing up for your account, to keyword analysis and ultimately Google Goals and Google Visualizations. Remember to "pay forward" and "Like" or share individual author videos with your network! :) Continue reading
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10 Commandments of Screencasting (more or less)

Dan Nunez's 10 Commandments of Screencasting is both informative and entertaining. This one's worth a look. Continue reading
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How to easily white label web video: Brand differently to niches while using the SAME video

White labeling is the practice of slapping a different bursiness' brand for the same product. For example, you could create a video-based course that you subsequently license to different companies. In the process, you could customize the branding for the course so it appears to be made by the company who licenses the content from you. Continue reading
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I’m doing a little housekeeping…

An open invitation. I write about topics to help friends digitize their knowledge so they can get it online and web-ready. If you're not already subscribed to my updates, then you'll want to visit Continue reading
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How To Make Web Video With An Embedded Hotspot Button

Video hotspot buttons are powerful calls to action triggers you can put in your web video or screencast. In addition to showing you how to make one in this video, I also list ideas for real estate agents, speakers, authors, trainers, and others for using hotspot buttons. Continue reading
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