How to put newsletter sign up forms in YouTube video

Module 2 - How to make web video with newsletter sign up forms in them

[Video - How to Add a Sign Up Form In Your Video]

In this video, I'll show you how I put those nifty little newsletter sign up forms inside some of my videos.  In fact, you can, if you want, even use YouTube videos.  You can stream them through an html 5 video player with a sign up form in it, and then place it on your blog or website.

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What do html 5 video players have to do with anything?

Sorry to throw that little bit of jargon at you.  But, the fact is, html 5 video players are all the rage because anyone who has tried watching Flash video while using an iOS device (i.e., an iPhone or an iPad), knows that, well, you can't.  Apple doesn't support Flash on their iOS devices.

And, there in lies the rub.  The trick of getting a sign up form to appear in your video is really the stuff of Flash.

So you see a problem, right?  Unless you engage some little bit of html 5 technology, then I can woot all I want about getting my sign up forms to show up in my videos; the fact is, if I can't also get 'em to show up in an i-type device, then I'm potentially missing a huge share of eyeballs.  (Ref. iOS Closes Out The Year With 52% Mobile Web Market Share, via Techrunch.)

Enter html 5 video players; they help bridge that gap for you.

And here's my dirty little secret.  (Kind of.) I don't know lick about wrapping video in an html 5 video player.  And yet, there are these html 5 compliant videos all over my site.  Go figure.

It ain't no big thang, really.  The trick is to have the right software that does all the heavy lifting for you.  That is, one that lets you focus on content creation while it takes care of the required coding and formats.

In the video above, I go one step further.  I'll use the special case of placing a sign up form in a video that comes from YouTube.

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