7 Great Tips for Making Video From PowerPoint

You can easily turn your knowledge to online video courses

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My friend James Roughton reminded me recently about the versatility of PowerPoint movies when he posted his article about Creating Awesome Marketing Videos Using Powerpoint.  Along with my video screencast above, James' article would make a great point-sheet for you to print out.  He does a great job listing each of the steps sequentially.

The Main Thing: No More Excuses!

The main thing I want to drive home is that, if you've been holding off on creating online videos -- or perhaps you've been holding off on making an online training course or online marketing presentations -- because of any perceived difficulties or concerns about being technically challenged when it comes to making online videos, then my screencast above should be a breath of fresh air.

By using PowerPoint 2010's built-in video making features -- Yes. I said "built-in," you no longer have to worry about stage fright or getting that hurried feeling when recording video.  In fact, you can write a full-on set of notes for your presentation and then record your video from the comfort of a well-prepared script.

7 Great Ideas For Making Video From PowerPoint Presentations

1.  Use the Notes feature in PowerPoint to script your powerpoint presentation, rehearse it, and then record it, along with your voice, without the worries of stage fright.

2.  Read your script into a voice recorder FIRST.  Then, when you're ready to record the powerpoint presentation for video, PLAY the recording of your narration WHILE you record the mouse movements on PowerPoint AND capture the pre-recording of your voice at the same time.

3.  Use the PowerPoint-to-Video conversion feature to create an online course series.  If you have a niche area of expertise, you could even make your online content available for a fee in a member's only site.

4.  Remain top-of-mind with client prospects by sending a short video-based PowerPoint proposal.

5.  Create a video-based book.  Sell it on your website by using a service like e-Junkie.

6.  Use PowerPoint's rich animation and linking features to create a video-based PowerPoint presentation that highlights your business' services.

7.  Create a video post-resume summary sheet.  After your next job interview, send a thank you note, along with a link to a 2-or three slide video presentation using the tips in this screencast that highlights your main skills and accomplishments that you'd like the interviewer to remember about you.

What else?  How else do you think a video-based PowerPoint presentation could help your business or professional career?

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  2. John Cowburn says:

    Hi Mel

    How do you show a video of powerpoint slides and have a small video of yourself at the same time?


  3. faiz says:

    Hi Mel,
    i am making videos for marriage preparation course using powerpoint and clipart pictures.
    is it legal to sell these  videos?

  4. Jose Fotografia says:

    http://wideo.co is an excellent free tool to create video presentations.

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