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How to Even Out Sound Levels In Your Audio/Video Project

[Video demo] Levelator is free software that automagically adjusts the audio levels within your audio file for variations between one speaker and the next. Continue reading
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How To Record and Synchronize Video Screen Recordings From Two Monitors

In this video I demonstrate my answer to a question asked by one of my readers about how to go about capturing video from two different monitors simultaneously. Continue reading
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[Off-topic for Veteran's Day] Veterans: A Closet Full of Guns and Ammo?

Contrary to how easily some would otherwise classify our veterans as a "...closet full of guns (and) ammo...", the fact is, our veterans are much more than the "Rambo" stereotype. They're diplomats. Continue reading
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Part 4: The Tin Can API – What the Presidential Election and the Tin Can API Have In Common

As the eventual outcome of the 2012 presidential campaigns have yet to be decided, so too does the landscape have yet to emerge for eLearning solutions based on the Tin Can API. But. There's strong momentum. Continue reading
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Part 3: The Tin Can API – The Compelling And Practical Use Cases You’ve Been Waiting To Hear

Interview (includes audio) with vTrainingRoom regarding practical use cases of the Tin Can API for eLearning and instructional design. What the interviewer described here was precisely the kind of visual that many of the relatively non-techie eLearning course developers and instructional designers were pining for as they struggled to wrap their collective heads around what Tin Can can ultimately offer. Continue reading
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Part 2: The Tin Can API – A Learning Management System Vendor’s Perspective [w/ audio]

This is Part 2 of a 4-part series of interviews about the Tin Can API that will be of interest to eLearning industry professionals. I'm including the audio interview I conducted with representatives from Callidus Cloud -- the company that creates, among other things, a hosted LMS. Continue reading
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Part 1: The Tin Can API – Why Should eLearning Professionals Care? [w/ audio]

The buzz about the Tin Can API. If you're at all even remotely associated with support for the eLearning industry (i.e., instructional designer, training developer, software developer, LMS vendor, social networking host provider, CRM provider, etc.) then you'll be interested in this audio series of interviews about the Tin Can API. Continue reading
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