Part 4: The Tin Can API – What the Presidential Election and the Tin Can API Have In Common

DevLearn12 Q&A Panel - Everything You Need to Know About Tin Can

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As I publish this post (Part 4 -- the last -- in this Tin Can API audio interview series), the 2012 presidential election will have been well underway.  And, just as the eventual outcome of the presidential campaigns have yet to be decided, so too does the landscape have yet to emerge for eLearning solutions based on Tin Can.  But, it can also be said that just as the presidential campaigns are (both!) off to a strong start, so too is Tin Can rolling with strong momentum.

Big News!

I mean, consider that the AICC (Aviation Industry CBT [computer based training] Committee) announced just last week that they'll be adopting the Tin Can API as the underlying technology for the next generation of their CMI 5 (Computer Managed Instruction) specification.  (Ref. "Really Big News" and "ADL and AICC Collaborate On the Experience API".)  That's significantly huge news.

Also, since having gone public with the Tin Can API last (June-ish?), there are already some 30-ish vendors who have already adopted Tin Can for their service offerings; more are on the way.  Finally, if the standing room only crowd for the DevLearn Q&A Panel ("Everything You Need to Know About Tin Can") is any indication of the interest eLearning developers, service providers and software vendors have in it, then it's definitely a campaign to watch.

Video / Audio Panel Q&A

The video above is primarily an audio file.  It's a recording of the DevLearn Q&A panel session about Tin Can.  It was held on the last day of DevLearn12 and commanded a standing room only crowd.  I overlayed headshots of the panelists to make it easier to keep of track of who had the floor at any given moment.   The panelists included:

mike rustici

Aaron Silvers

Clark Quinn

Julie Dirksen

Stephanie Daul

Take a listen.  It's well worth the time to pay attention especially if you're an eLearning industry professional.  Between this panel session, and the previous three interviews in this series, I think you should have a pretty good head start about Tin Can (Experience API) and the implications for your projects and/or service offerings in the future.

If you have colleagues who don't yet know about Tin Can, feel free to pass this article along.

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