Learn How To Screencast Like a Wizard: “Digital-Know-How” Is Live

Here's a Sneak Peek Inside the Digital-Know-How Online Learning Library

What's This About?

Remember?  Early  this year I mentioned that I was working feverishly to put the polish on an online course I had been working on since last year.  This is that.  The video above is a sneak peek inside that course.  Digital-Know-How gives a structured sequence to the "how" part of making video screen recordings (a.k.a., screencast videos).

But, it's also more than simply learning how to screencast.   My goal in creating the course wasn't to simply make a series of tutorials about how to use screencasting software like Camtasia or Screenflow.  I mean, sure, we do that in the course, but I also wanted to go beyond the fundamentals and teach learners all the techniques I use for transforming classroom or meeting room type presentations for online delivery.

What's the Target Audience? Who Will Benefit?

digital-know-how target audienceThink about it, after years of professional experiences in the corporate world, you've accumulated a personal knowledge repository of unique expertise and a ton of professional know-how.  You've likely transformed a lot of that for innovations that rightfully served the organizations and companies you've worked for.  But still.  There may have been that itch where you may have thought:  "One day... I'll write a book or create a workshop about what I know...(and maybe monetize it somehow...?)"

If you know someone who sorta fits that description, then that's the gal or guy.

Remember what I typically say at the beginning of my videos?

"Hey! Mel Aclaro here with the ScreencastingWizard, helping you digitize your knowledge, to get it online, and web ready."

Well, it's exactly like that.  It helps our friends with expertise they want to share with an online audience to get that know-how digitized and presented online.

Take It For a Spin With a Free Preview Pass

The video above gives a sneak peek at the structure of the Digital-Know-How learning library.  But, it also serves double-duty:  the video itself shows the look/feel/tone of each training video inside the Digital-Know-How learning library.

And, before you ask: the answer is yes.  As a matter of fact, there does happen to be a module with a series of topics that'll show you how to apply the same type of "picture-in-picture" feature you've seen me use; you can learn to apply either a similar technique -- or alternate formats -- for your own training videos.

Help Me Spread the Word?

click for the digital-know-how learning library sneak peekIf you've enjoyed all the how-to videos and articles I've shared with you on this blog over the years, then I hope I'm not out of line to ask for your help.  I'd really appreciate your help in spreading the word.  Share this blog post in your social networks.  And, forward it to a friend whom you think would benefit from this course.

But, before you do, you might want to check out the free preview first.  In that way, you'll have an idea of the quality of what it is I'm asking you to help me share with our friends.

Just click here (or the moustached-guy on the right) and sign up for the Digital-Know-How Limited Free Preview.

Thanks in advance.

Ready to learn the Screencasting Wizard's secrets?Learn to teach online. Go beyond PowerPoint: learn to screencast using Camtasia Studio for Windows, Camtasia for Macintosh, or ScreenFlow for Macintosh. Watch the free previews now and read the topics list on our 5-star rated screencasting courses. Click here to learn more.

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