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What HD video camera do you recommend?

Recommended HD video cameras... here's a decision support matrix via Mel Aclaro at to help you narrow the list. Continue reading
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Your YouTube Channel Design Is Automatically Changing. Here’s How To Maximize the New Features.

If you have a YouTube channel and you haven't already changed to the new One Channel layout, then you'll be automatically switched over to the new design on June 5th. Confused? No worries. There's free YouTube training for maximizing the new YouTube channel design. Continue reading
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Camtasia Tip – Ripple Insert New Clips In the Middle Of A Multi-Track Timeline

[Video] In this video Mel Aclaro shows how the new ripple-insert feature in Camtasia Studio and Camtasia Macintosh can help your efficiency when you insert new clips in the middle of a complex / multi-track project. Continue reading
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FAQ – How do you link a YouTube video annotation to your own website?

Lately, one of the frequently asked questions I've gotten on YouTube has been how I'm able to make annotations inside my YouTube videos link out to my personal website? Here's all you need. Continue reading
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[Screenflow video] How to fix video recording errors when editing your screencast video

[Screenflow video] This simple tip was inspired by a side topic in the Digital-Know-How online screencasting course; the question was how to cover up cosmetic errors and video artifacts during screencast editing without having to re-record the whole screencast. Continue reading
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How to Update Obsolete Graphics In Your Published Screencast Video Without Having to Recapture the Whole Project

Video] On a recent project where we had to update 24 published screencast videos, we were able to save over 200 hours of rework by using this simple technique in Camtasia and Screenflow. Continue reading
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Camtasia Macintosh Doesn’t Have a Media Library – But Here’s a Workaround

A media assets library helps you quickly grab custom media assets and drop them into your Camtasia project. It's a HUGE time saver. The thing is, while a library is included with Camtasia Studio (for Windows), this isn't so with Camtasia for Macintosh. But, here's a workaround. [Video] Continue reading
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