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June 19, 2013

Yesterday I announced Techsmith's "point-1" release of Camtasia Studio 8.  It was a small list of feature upgrades -- but what an upgrade.  It was chock-full of the feature sets many of us in the industry had been clamoring about for the last few years.  Then, there's this:

As if perfectly timed, today I'm totally jazzed to announce the final approval -- and public release -- of my new online course "Deep Dive" Screencast Training: Camtasia Studio 8 (for Windows)* on the hugely popular Udemy learning website.  (This release, by the way, comes just a few short weeks after having been awarded approval and public release of a similar course for Macintosh users:  "Deep Dive Screencast Training: Camtasia for Mac".*)

learn camtasia studio learn screencasting with Camtasia for Mac

*(Note: Current members of the program should NOT purchase either of the courses above.  Current Digital-Know-How students will receive a coupon for free access later this week.  Also, current subscribers to as of Friday, June 21, 2013 will receive a special discount code at the end of the week.)

The course syllabus is listed on the course description page (above), but suffice to say that the 9+ hours of video-based learning (Camtasia Studio) and the 7.5+ hours of learning (Camtasia for Mac) didn't stop with the fundamentals.  In each course I went far beyond the fundamentals and included special topics that dug in to practical applications and special formats for delivering various types of screencasts.  Including:

  • Mindmap presentations
  • Whiteboard presentations
  • iPad Screencasting techniques
  • High Def Picture-in-Picture screencasts
  • Audio
  • Microphones
  • Scripting, and a few more related to hardware and software components to pull it all off.

So there you have it: there's nothing now to stop you from creating that online course you've been thinking about

Of course, the program will remain the more comprehensive program.  Enrollment there continues.  But, the new Udemy courses parses specific topics for those who are looking for a subset of the full program.  And, as I said before, which ever learning path you follow, the fact is, you have knowledge accumulated from many years in your profession.  Your expertise is something of value that a niche audience is likely willing to pay for.  Chances are:  you have an audience... they just haven't heard from you...yet.  Let me know when you're ready to get going.  :)

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