[Video] Techsmith’s Inaugural Screencaster Chat on Google Hangout: Highlights

June 21, 2013

It was a pleasure joining Techsmith as one of their guest panelists, along with Lon Naylor on Techsmith's first Screencaster Chat on Google Hangout.  We gathered around the digital campfire, so to speak, to discuss the new features in Camtasia Studio (v8.1).  But, we also did a bit of a dive into some of the practical and business applications of screencasting.

The hangout itself had a bit of a rough start--as many first time Google Hangouts are wont to do--so, I set the replay video below to "fast forward" to the 11m:10s point when you click the Play button.  (How'd I do that?)    Update:  Techsmith's Daniel Foster was kind enough to trim-out the fat from the front end of the original video.  (Thanks Daniel!)


After it finally got its running legs going (start at 11:10 in the video above) we got into some great discussions about some of the practical / business applications of screencasting software -- especially Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Macintosh.  I did ask a few "on-the-spot" questions about competing features in Screenflow and when we might hope to see similar features in Camtasia. (37:55) (*Sigh...* "You just couldn't resist, could you Mel??")  And, to their credit, the Techsmithies didn't bat an eye.)  :)

It was a great meeting overall.  Sign up for the updates and I'll make sure to let you know when the next Screencaster Chat is due.

In today's Techsmith Screencaster Chat I had the pleasure of meeting:

Screencaster Chat highlights:

  • Introductions and who's who in the Techsmith and Screencasting space (11:10) (0:00)
  • What mine and Lon's perceptions are about the new features in the latest release?  Which features did we find of greatest value? (16:00) (05:00)
  • Development time for various screencasting projects.
  • What are some average durations of our screencasts?  (The answer may surprise you.)  (28:00) (17:00)
  • Some of the limitations and workarounds of the new stitching feature. (22:30) (11:30)
  • Practical business applications of the new features on live projects.  I talked about the cross-team benefits in video cropping, as well as how it impacts me in my "picture-in-picture" screencasts.
  • What we can expect at the upcoming ScreencastCamp? (25:10) (14:10)

What questions would you have asked?

Post your questions below and I'll pass it along to the Techsmith team so they can be addressed in the next Screencaster Chat.  Meanwhile, sign up here if you want to be reminded of updates about when the next Screencaster Chat is due.

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  1. Hi Mel – thanks again for joining us today! Just a head’s up that I trimmed out the tech difficulties in the video on YouTube, which might mess up the start time in your embed code above.

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