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The never ending quest for quality audio: What microphones do you recommend?

The search for quality audio in your screencasting, e-learning or web video project is a never ending quest. This article makes a few recommendations while outlining some things that impact audio quality. Continue reading
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How to Even Out Sound Levels In Your Audio/Video Project

[Video demo] Levelator is free software that automagically adjusts the audio levels within your audio file for variations between one speaker and the next. Continue reading
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What Are the Best Microphones to Record Narration?

FAQ: What are the best microphones to record narration? Here's my answer to this FAQ. Continue reading
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6 Factors Of Social Influence – Why You Should Fight For Them

This audio snippet is from a bit of backstory I tee'd up recently with a few colleagues. It was a bit about why I think issues of trust and transparency are so important to you and me. And why we need to retaliate when... Continue reading
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5 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Audio in Your Screencasts When You Don’t Have a Studio

Here are five tips you can use today to improve audio in your web videos and screencast projects. It's a biggie! Continue reading
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How to Remove Background Noise From Your Screencast Audio

(Tip:  For best results you should listen using headphones, earbuds or just turn the volume up on your speakers.) What Can You Do About that Pesky Background Noise? The topic of enhancing the audio in your web video or screencast … Continue reading
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6 Great Suggestions For Improving Audio in Your Screencasts

This is very opportune. On the heels of my post yesterday comparing audio quality from a few of the microphones I’ve used over the last year, I then today came across these excellent posts by: Tom Johnson over at the I’d … Continue reading
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