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How I Use Trello To Track Screencast Production Workflows And Plan Blog Topics

How I Use Trello To Track Screencast Projects And Plan Blog Topics Continue reading
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How I Track Re-usable Video Assets In Online Learning Projects

By using Filemaker's personal database product called Bento, I was recently able to solve a growing problem I was having about tracking my ever growing list of video titles across the similarly growing list of online courses into which I embed those titles. Continue reading
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Stop! Before You Start Anything This Year, Get Your Fix.

Navigational fixes, mission statements, purpose statements and elevator pitches all have similarities. They help you keep focused on where you ARE compared to where you said you wanted to be. In this article, I included a free ebook you can download to help you or someone you know focus and articulate their own fix, or purpose statement. Continue reading
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Ocean Marketing and the Avenger Controller Disaster: What Now?

So, what would you do in the nuclear fallout of Ocean Marketing's over-the-top bewildering rant against a customer? What would you do if that guy did that to YOUR customer? How would you recover your brand? Continue reading
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Include a SWOT With Your New Year Business Planning

As the year winds down and we each get geared up for the opportunities in 2012, now's the time to update that business plan. This is when a SWOT analysis can help. Here's how. Continue reading
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How to use post-it notes to gain meeting consensus

While brainstorming story themes recently with a client, I employed a brainstorming technique I had used numerous times before.   It makes use of Post-it notes to gain consensus in meetings where you have three or more participants.  It can … Continue reading
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