Free Screencasting Course – Video Screen Recording Fundamentals

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[Subscribe (free) to get notified of updates about digitizing your knowledge, getting it online and web ready.]

What's This Free Screencasting Course About?

This course is my answer to a common request I get from my readers who are new to screencasting: Is there a basic training course available that shows how to use the software?  The answer is, yes!

Makers of the popular screencasting software (e.g., Techsmith's Camtasia and Telestream's Screenflow) provide free online training on the use of their products.  In fact, much of their content -- with proper attribution -- is included in the playlist above.

The thing is, vendor training doesn't always include other "day in the life" tips and tricks that my experience tells me would also be helpful to first time learners.  But, by curating the various training sources in the format above, I'm able to merge their information with additional relevant content from other sources -- including much of my own.  And, given the growth in this industry, I'm also able to update the content regularly as things change and as I create and discover new content.


Beginners:  This course is perfect for you if you're new to screencasting and want to begin learning how to use the same powerful software I use (i.e., Camtasia Studio, Camtasia Mac) to make your own online presentations.

Moderate/Advanced users:  If you already own a copy of Camtasia (Studio or Mac) and have already created a half-dozen screencasts, or so, then the course above will be a bit basic for you.  In that case, you should subscribe to my update list (free).  I'll soon be publishing another online course that deals with more advanced topics related to digitizing the stuff in your head, producing them in ways that are compelling to viewers, and the best ways to get them online and distributed to your online audience.

Who's the Author Of This Course?

A bunch of people -- including myself.  This course is a medley of free online video tutorials that have been kindly produced for free by other screencasting and online training professionals.  I've organized them above in a way that groups related topics in a sequential order to (hopefully) make it easier for you to follow if you're new to screencasting.

I have an idea that I think will make the course better.  How do I get it to you?

Just send me an email.  melaclaro(at)gmail(dot)com.  Or, you can also hit me up on Twitter (@MelAclaro) or LinkedIn (/in/MelAclaro).

How can I get notified of new updates?

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