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What’s in the Fourth Level of a Social Media ROI Value Assessment?

The ROI question itself is a "Level 4" question.  The thing is, the labels we use to answer it are usually grounded in metrics that are more appropriate for addressing lower level assessments. In this video presentation, I show what goes in to a Level 4 social media ROI assessment. Continue reading
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Why ROI Means ‘Return On Influence’

With regards to calculating social media ROI, it has been claimed that it would be fruitless to try and measure the economic return on social media. After all, as conventional wisdom goes, how would you assign a dollar value to a relationship? This presentation can help shed some light. Continue reading
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Social Media Strategies and Tactics Are Not the Same

We had a great meeting today about the differences between social media "strategies" and "tactics." Here are my thoughts on the highlights. What would you say are examples of tactics vs. strategies? Continue reading
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