Facebook – What’s the Difference Between the Newsfeed and the Wall? Part 2.

So, How Exactly Is My Facebook ‘Wall’ Different From My Facebook ‘Newsfeed’?


Yesterday, I addressed Part 1.  It addressed one of the FAQs about the Newsfeed.  That is, it being a section of your Facebook functionality that shows updates about your friends.  But, that’s not all there is to the Newsfeed.

In yesterday’s video, you also learned about some of the filtering aspects of the Newsfeed and, maybe more importantly, the powerful way in which it allows each of us to give “social validation” to off-site content via our Facebook network.

In the video above, I pulled another module from the Video Courses Library to address the second part of the question — the Wall.


While the Newsfeed gives updates about the activities of your friends; the Wall gives updates about activities related to you.

Does this help?  I know the question I’m addressing in this 2-parter will continue to be asked every now and then.  That’s not a problem.  I’m happy to help.  And, now I can at least augment my answers by sending a link to this series.

I hope you feel free to do the same.

By The Way, Let’s See If You Notice Something

By the way, Facebook recently made an update to some functionality I mention in the video.  It could conceivably be added as new functionality in the video topic.  Can you pick it out?