Social Media Marketing Tips – Part 3 of Day 2 – Content Syndication

social media marketing video - august 18, 2010

This is the 3rd video in Day 2 of the "Taboo series" I had been hosting on In the week before last, I posted a four-part video series for "Day 1".

I know, if you're just joining me, the concept of "week-long 'Days'" can all seem so confusing.

The gist is that I recently completed delivery of a 7-day training series.  It's related to ethical and productive techniques for social media marketing.  The original idea was to keep the whole thing locked down behind a premium firewall on a site I moderate at (currently under a major remodel).  I'll tell you more about Jara later when we're closer to launching.

But, before I digress too much, let me just say that I made the decision to not lock down the series.  Instead, I'm releasing them in small 3- to 6- minute segments.  And, seeing as how some of the videos actually go about 30 or 40 minutes long, I think it's a wise idea to pare them down to "bit-size" chunks for a blog.  Don't ya think?

Here's an index of the other prior videos in this series.  (Earlier vids are being hosted on

Day 2 -The Big Picture

Day 1 - Social Media Culture and Philosophy

By the way, all these videos are only a few snippets out of a ton of other free training videos and content about social media marketing that I'm making available on JaraUniversity for free.  Like I said, the site's currently undergoing a major remodel.  But, you can get on the notification list while also getting a free copy of my book Social Media Marketing Essentials For Small Business Professionals.

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