YouTube and Beyond – Seven Powerful Video Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Leads in the Next 30 Days

“Oh yeah… that’s my webinar.”

I had to laugh at one of those surreal moments we all have every now and then.   This morning I was scrubbing through all my emails to catch up on all the ones I didn’t get to yesterday while I was at the REBarcamp in OC. (A great event, by the way, which I want to tell you more about in another post.)   Anyway, in one of the emails in my inbox, I came across this headliner for an upcoming webinar at NAR (National Association of REALTORS(R):

Mel Aclaro - YouTube and Beyond NAR webinar

The surreal part was that I remember being alarmed.  It sounded so darned familiar; I started spooling up because I thought, “Damnit! I was supposed to deliver a topic like that.  Someone screwed up and booked someone else for the same event I was supposed to deliver!”

Then I kicked myself… I saw the speaker line:

Duh. What a loser I am.  Have you ever had one of those moments?

I’m off to get more coffee…

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  1. Buzz Banning

    Mel, Great webinar today. Any chance I can get a copy of the power point presentation. I asked this in the webinar as well.

    • Mel

      Hi Buzz,

      Thank you. 🙂

      Regarding the slides. Let me check first with RealtorU. I think they’ll be providing a replay copy of the webinar for attendees. I’ll confirm that later today and post an update on this blog afterwards.

      In any case, by the end of today, I’ll get the slides up for you to access either via or PDF download. Please check back here tonight.

      Thanks again for joining me on the webinar today. FYI, keep an eye out for my next webinar next month. Title: Twitter and Beyond: 7 Powerful Tools To Increase Your Productivity. Date TBA. Keep en eye out on the webinar calendar at RealtorU.

      In the meantime, I’ll get an update to you later today about your question.


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