Social Media Marketing Tips – Part 1 Day 3 – Blogging Philosophy

Another week, another "day" in the Taboo series.  This video marks Part 1 of Day 3 in the Taboo series about "cashing in" on social media.


The key points in this segment is the idea of having a blog as the central point of your "hub and spokes" strategy with regard to social media marketing.  Your blog is the central place in which you can better communicate your values, interests and passions.  It's all communicated in the stream of articles we each end up posting over time.  Also, a blog has the added benefit of being easily update-able.  By taking advantage of that key characteristic of blogging platforms, you're in a better position to be able to post frequently and (hopefully) consistently.  It's in that process that you're more apt to be found by search engines, which in turn increases your visibility.

New To Blogging? Start Building Your Email List Now!

Not covered in this video is the all important step of making sure you have a way for visitors to your blog to opt-in to your marketing funnel.  This traditionally comes in the form of an opt-in signup form.  That topic will be subject of another video later in this series.  I just wanted to put that thought out there early so that you don't have to wait around until Day 6 or 7 before getting the point that you should start NOW to begin your list-building strategy.  Key point:  If you're starting a blog today, if you do nothing else, put an opt-in sign up form on your blog.  If you need help doing so, let me know.

Below is a transcript of the video.  Meanwhile, Part 2 of Day 3 in this series will be posted tomorrow.

Social Media Marketing Video Transcript

Welcome to day 3 of my training series on Taboo:  Generating Leads the Right Way Using Social Media.  I just want to give a short plug up front, if you’ve been finding value in this series, I hope you’ll find it in you to tell some of your friends about this training series.  Just send them the link I’ll post on this page under this video.

Today we’ll be talking about blogging.  I’ll show you how to create your own blog using as our starter platform.

As I mentioned yesterday, your blog is your central hub.

Everything you do for content you create should pretty much be sourced from your blog.  As for visitors and future leads and relationships, everything comes back to your blog.  It’s a very crucial part of the puzzle here.

And, again, drawing from information I provide in the videoBook I created from The Social Media Report, let me share with you now a snippet about blogging philosophy from Chapter 3.

I’m going to play it for you in a minute.  But I want you to know that, as you listen, you’ll hear me refer to the profession of real estate professionals.  If you are in fact a real estate professional, then don’t worry.  But, if you’re not, also don’t worry about it.  Think of it as an example using one profession as a case study, but in which the concepts can be applied just as well to any profession in any industry.

Okay, so here’s that video about blogging philosophy


Okay, I don’t really have much more I can add to that at the moment without appearing to simply regurgitate the same information I already gave you in the video.  If you have questions, feel free to post them for me in the discussion forum that you should already have access to if you took advantage of the resources I made available in Lesson #2.

If you lost that email or have it buried under a bunch of other new emails, don’t worry.  I’ll make them available for you again in a link on this video page.

But, wait, we’re not done with this lesson.  There’s more.

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