Social Media Marketing Tips – Part 2 of Day 3 – Which Blogging Platform?

This video continues the Taboo series.  For those just joining me, this series started a couple of weeks ago on another blog I write for -  The beginning part of the Taboo series can be seen here on  The later part of the Taboo series continued on this blog can be seen here.

In this social media marketing video, I pick up where I left off yesterday with overall blogging philosophy.  In this video (part 2 of the segment delivered on Day 3 of an overall 7-day series... it's okay. If you don't think about it too much, it all works out)  😉  I take a little segue to talk about the difference between and  Clearly, I'm revealing a preference here for a WordPress site as your blogging platform.  There are some reasons for that, which I explain in the video.

If you've already started a blog on another platform, don't let this social media marketing video worry you.  Like I said, this one's a little digression.  The follow-on videos will apply to blogging overall-- regardless of which platform you're currently using.  However, if you're still on the fence about blogging and haven't yet selected a blogging platform, then take this video as a keen social media marketing tip. This video is for you!

One Caveat

One caveat I feel compelled to make in order to head-off digs I know I'll be getting from some of my friends to whom I concede SEO expertise--and to whom I'm grateful for my continued education in that area 😉  --I have to say there's one part in the video where I say that WordPress "was made with SEO in mind."  I know, I know, technically that's not correct.  In fact, wordpress was supposedly a little "messy" at the code level for that to be the case.  And, it's more the case that various WordPress themes have actually made the platform more SEO adaptive.  Feel free to comment about this below if you're compelled to do so.  You, my friends, will add to the knowledge and value to our collective wisdom.

Oh by the way...

...About support:  At about the 1:35 point in the video, you'll hear me suggest some support that's available in case you need help with installing your own custom installation.  Two people whom I feel comfortable recommending to you from my immediate sphere of friends are Loren Nason and Eric Stegemann.  Loren heads up and frequently helps real estate agents and small businesses install WordPress sites.  Click his site above to find out more about Loren.

Meanwhile, if your needs are for multi-user blogs at the corporate or enterprise level, Eric Stegemann is your man.  Find out more about Eric Stegemann over at his company called Tribus.

Tell 'em Mel sent ya.  :)

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3 Responses to Social Media Marketing Tips – Part 2 of Day 3 – Which Blogging Platform?

  1. Loren Nason says:

    Thanks for the referral Mel.

    Even though both Eric and I will say that running self-hosted with is the best solution, there is nothing wrong with starting at (including domain mappping).

    You can always transfer to self-hosted at a later date.

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