Social Media Marketing Tips – Part 3 of Day 3 – Setting Up Your First Website

This video continues the Taboo series for newcomers to social media and online social networking.  For those  just joining me, this series started a few weeks ago on another blog I write for --  The beginning part of the Taboo series can be seen here on  Meanwhile, the later part of the Taboo series were continued on this blog and can be seen via the link above.

In this social media marketing video, I pick up where I left off the other day with Part 2 of Day 3 - Which Blogging Platform.  Here, we'll pick it up again and walk through the process of signing up for your first site.  (I explained the differences between and in the last video mentioned above.)

In the next couple of videos in this series, I'll walk you through the process of logging in and give you an overview of the Administration Panel.

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3 Responses to Social Media Marketing Tips – Part 3 of Day 3 – Setting Up Your First Website

  1. Paul Frank says:

    Wow man, you got some MAJOR insights and skills to show how to REGISTER for a blog LOL. You would be cutting edge if this was the year 2000! You are the prototypical realtor/mortgage broker reject that now is slithering on the social media scene posing as an expert. What a vapid world we live in today. Mel, this video PERFECTLY describes you and your ilk.

    • Mel says:


      I regret you seemed a bit threatened about the idea of providing free support to friends who’ve asked for guidance. Please don’t make the mistake, as many armchair consultants do, in thinking the world revolves around you and your self-styled mastery.

      Here’s where you can help: teach somebody something–gawd anything else but the angry drip you seem predisposed to blather on about. Do this: Spread the wealth of your knowledge, don’t keep it to yourself, man. Be a contributor. Be a teacher. LOL… hell, be a man.

      Then send me a link to something you’ve created for your fellow man; give evidence of having helped somebody else other than yourself and the pedestal from which you seem content to spew vitriol; show us PLEASE something you’ve done lately for those who don’t currently have the benefit of what you know.

      Do that for us and–perhaps contrary to what you may think I would otherwise do–I will be happy to help you spread the wealth of your knowledge and applaud you for it. In the meantime, I send you back the same vid and challenge you to see someone other than, perhaps, the man you saw in the mirror today.

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