YouTube and Beyond (Part 3 – Lead Generation)

In this part of my session, I addressed one of the FAQs I get about YouTube's role in the whole process flow of your marketing funnel.  (It isn't usually asked in such academic terms.  Usually it comes in the form of, " you want them to come to your YouTube channel or your YouTube video in your blog?" Or, another variant: " do you sell with it (i.e., YouTube)?")

YouTube's role in the marketing funnel

The diagram above is the central theme of this discussion; it's included in my presentation stack, which you can get for free (no sign up required,)... Click here to get the presentation slides for YouTube and Beyond.  It's a simplified version of a similar marketing funnel diagram that's discussed in more detail in the Social Media Marketing Essentials Guide For Small Business Professionals in the Downloads area.  (This one does require a signup, but it's free and you can unsubscribe any time... but why would you want to?) 😉

To Sell or Not To Sell?

The key point here is, while there are many variations from different marketers about how to use video for selling, the best practices seem to espouse the idea of not selling from directly in your video.  (Although, even here I can't say that one size fits all, because I'm now seeing an emerging trend in some very effective use of videos [imho] in place of the traditional "sales page" that has been a cornerstone of the digital marketer's toolkit.)

But, as a thumb-sketch, recognize that the entry point to your marketing funnel is on your website or blog.  So, instead, use your YouTube videos to make the initial connection that compels your visitor to click-through to your blog or website where, ideally, you'll have an opt-in form that will help to capture the lead.

BUT, having an opt-in form on your site isn't the endgame.  Embed it and they will come is definitely not the rule here.   You need more than that... (which I discuss more in the video.)

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