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Like you, perhaps, I like to take this time of year to reflect on the past year’s activities, highlights, trends and patterns.

Yeah, yeah, I know. You’ve heard me say before that we should each do a retrospective at least quarterly. And, I still espouse that. So, procedurally speaking, it’s not a unique exercise to have a point of reflection in December. But still…wouldn’t you agree, there’s still something special about it? Something that’s still somehow different than the quarterly reviews you might do for your business or career throughout the year?

For one, you have a whole 4 quarters / 52 weeks / 12 months / 365 days of data points to trend-out. What patterns can you discern? Do they reveal any “aha” moments? Based on what you observe, what course changes would you make in the next period?

the fun in this exercise. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, as is my routine at this time of year, one of the activities I like to work out is to see which of my blog articles you and our other friends viewed most in 2010?

As you know, until last August, I had been primarily blogging over at BusinessCasualBlog.com (BCB). After that, I started this blog on MelAclaro.com. So, this year, I was compelled to generate a Top-viewed list for both blogs. (Heads-up: I haven’t quite decided yet, but I may be making some changes in 2011. ‘Not sure yet, but I’m thinking of parking BCB and focusing primarily on MelAclaro.com. The question is…what to do with all that link juice? Got any suggestions?)

Anyway, below are three lists.

  • The first, is a Top 10 list of most viewed articles for MelAclaro.com in 2010.
  • Meanwhile, the second and third lists are for BusinessCasualBlog.com. The last two differ from each other in that:
    • a. the second list is a Top 10 list of the most viewed articles on BusinessCasualBlog.com in 2010. That is, regardless of when the article was written. (It’s always an interesting exercise for me to see which articles are still popular after more than a year. It also gives me a clue about the keywords via which folks are finding their way to my blog via the major search engines.)
    • b. Meanwhile, the third list is a Top-10 list of the most viewed articles that were authored on BusinessCasualBlog.com in 2010 only.

So, here you go. Feel free to bookmark this article and revisit the articles below. Let me know which ones you liked best. Also, let me know, too, if any of them have spurred any thoughts for any course changes you might make in 2011.

All-time Top 10 Most-viewed on MelAclaro.com in 2010

All-time Top 10 Most Viewed on BusinessCasualBlog.com in 2010

Top 10 Most Viewed Articles Written in 2010 on BusinessCasualBlog.com

I’m still digesting the lists above for trends and “aha”-type insights. Does anything jump out at you?

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