[Video] Four Areas of Facebook Privacy Settings — Know Them!

(Video: From topic #9 of the 20-part Facebook video course.  Part of the 5-course MelAclaroDotCom video/screencast titles.)

“Facebook is the slowly warming pot of water and we, my friends, are the frog. By the time we noticed our peeling skin, another hunk of our privacy is long gone…”
~Helen A. S. Popkin, MSNBC

If you had asked me a few months ago if I think we’ll see social network privacy legislation on the congressional agenda sometime in the next three years, I would have said yes.   But, ask me that same question today…okay, I would still say yes.

Without a doubt, social network privacy is an issue.  But, what’s weird is that, despite it being the issue that it is in weekly news, I still have friends who remain bewildered about the process of manipulating your privacy preferences.  And, perhaps worse than ignoring your privacy settings on Facebook and other social networks, is to follow in the steps of one of my immediate relatives (whom shall remain nameless for fear of being disowned by the eldest of my two younger sisters), that is: to choose NOT to participate at all on Facebook for fear of sharing too much information.

“Joining Facebook is a conscious choice… Don’t share if you’re not comfortable.”
~Elliott Schrage, Facebook VP

Whichever side of the fence you’re on regarding the issue of participating or not participating in spite of the privacy issues, you may agree that knowing is half the battle.  (Indeed, half the fun, some would say.)

So, it’s in that spirit that I put together the informational video above.  It’s actually an extract from a 20-part video/screencast series on the topic of Facebook.  And that topic itself is part of a larger 5-part series spanning Facebook, Blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging with WordPress.

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