5 (plus 5 more!) Tools For Creating a Screencast

5 Free Tools

Sarah Kessler over at Mashable posted a nicely succinct piece today about 5 Free Tools For Creating a Screencast.  Included are:

If you’re testing your hand at screencasting, Sarah’s article is a nice list to get started with.

And Here’s 5 More!

From the list above, I might recommend Techsmith’s Jing as one to get started with.  Although, Articulate’s Screenr is pretty decent, as well.

That said, after the screencasting bug bites you, you’ll eventually want to start considering paid versions of screencasting software.  The main reason is because of the flexibility and robustness of editing, zoom/pans, callouts, to say nothing yet about the flexibility they afford in production settings.

For paid versions of screencasting software, I’ve long been had a hard-on (can I say that) for:

And, for the under $100 crowd, there’s:

  • Shinywhitebox’s iShowU family of products.
  • Animoto.com.  This is a nifty little tool that lets you create video slideshows.  It’s worth a looksee if you haven’t checked it out yet.  Prices range from Free to a couple of flavors of subscription plans.
  • and finally, I’d also add CamStudio.  (Not to be confused with Techsmith’s Camtasia Studio listed above.)  This on’e opensource / freeware.

What Else?

But, the field’s always changing.  Do you have any recommendations you think should be on the list above?

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