For Memorial Day, Please REMEMBER.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Consider that “X” above.  Think of it as a simple marker.  A marker to represent the complexity of a single life.

Maybe yours. Perhaps your mother’s?  Your brother? Your sister?  All the joy, hopes, even past accomplishments and future potential — all represented very simply by a simple “X”.

Using this simple label, your family, perhaps, (Dad, Mom, Sally, Jimmy, Lila) might be represented like this:


Or, your circle of friends might simply be represented this way:


Or, maybe your cheer squad…


Whatever.  The point being that, just for a moment, pretend that each “X” is a point that represents a unique stream of life events.  Each with a different history.  Each with a different set of future possibilities.  Each with different motivations, relationships, and sacrifices.