Here’s a Compelling and Innovatively Practical Example of QR Codes For Consumers

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I’ve written before about QR codes; explaining what they are, when it started, where it’s used, and have even listed some novel ideas about how small business owners and independent contractors could consider using QR codes in their lead-gen efforts.

But, outside of the large scale applications used in industry workflows, examples for practical/innovative uses of QR Codes at the consumer level (that is, examples that don’t include those that are simply novel or anecdotal) have been disappointingly scant.

That’s why I love the concept in the video above.

Tesco/Homeplus Subway Virtual Store Video

In the Homeplus Subway Virtual Store video, you’ll see an innovatively practical use of QR Codes for the regular Joe.

My friend Matthew Gallizzi, CEO of mobile web solutions company NotixTech, shared the Homeplus video and spurred some interesting discussions in an online Facebook group in which he and I participate.  Some of us in the group — those who’ve traditionally been skeptical about the truly practical uses of QR codes for consumers — were roundly impressed with Homeplus’ implementation.  What do you think?

Do You Have a Consumer QR Code Example?

Do you know of anyone in your sphere of influence who’s successfully using QR codes in a mainstream way for their small business?

Screencasting and Social Video Roadmap’s Deep-Dig Roundup

Here Are a Few More Popular Screencasting and Social Video Roadmap Articles You May Have Missed

I know you might be new to the Screencasting and Social Video Roadmap blogsite.  So it may help you to know that I post a Screencasting and Social Video Roadmap deep dig roundup every weekend.  Each deep dig roundup lists popular articles on the blog from past months.

From the popular articles listed above, a couple of my personal favorites remain the Poor Man’s Wireless Microphone and, interestingly enough, the article about How to Use Post-It Notes to Gain Meeting Consensus.  They answer questions that come up a lot in regular IRL conversations I have with friends and colleagues.

I’d Love to Hear About Your Favorite Articles In the Last Week

They don’t have to be any of mine.  If there’s a particular article that stands out in your mind from the last week–whether it’s one of mine or not–I’d love to hear it.  Please share in the comments.

Social Media Mastermind, Orange County Meetup Highlights

June 25, 2011

SMMOC Meeting Notes 06-25-2011 (v-1.0)|2.05 MB|downloads: 885
You must use Adobe Reader (not Preview or other viewers) to view this document. You know the drill. This is the interactive mindmap of the highlights from Orange County's Social Media Mastermind (SMMOC) group. Opens in a PDF player. It's interactive, with expandable branches and live hyperlinks to key resources. (If you find this useful, I'd appreciate you helping out by: 1. Liking the article above and 2. Telling your friends!)

Even if you don’t live in Orange County, California and aren’t able to attend this awesome weekly mastermind meeting, you’ll still want to download the interactive PDF.  It contains links to some excellent references that can help you in your own social media marketing and content creation activities for your business.

Have you used a mindmap before?  What kinds of business projects have you used them for?