Screencasting and Social Video Roadmap’s Deep-Dig Roundup

Here Are a Few More Popular Screencasting and Social Video Roadmap Articles You May Have Missed

I know you might be new to the Screencasting and Social Video Roadmap blogsite.  So it may help you to know that I post a Screencasting and Social Video Roadmap deep dig roundup every weekend.  Each deep dig roundup lists popular articles on the blog from past months.

From the popular articles listed above, a couple of my personal favorites remain the Poor Man’s Wireless Microphone and, interestingly enough, the article about How to Use Post-It Notes to Gain Meeting Consensus.  They answer questions that come up a lot in regular IRL conversations I have with friends and colleagues.

I’d Love to Hear About Your Favorite Articles In the Last Week

They don’t have to be any of mine.  If there’s a particular article that stands out in your mind from the last week–whether it’s one of mine or not–I’d love to hear it.  Please share in the comments.

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