Here’s a Compelling and Innovatively Practical Example of QR Codes For Consumers

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I’ve written before about QR codes; explaining what they are, when it started, where it’s used, and have even listed some novel ideas about how small business owners and independent contractors could consider using QR codes in their lead-gen efforts.

But, outside of the large scale applications used in industry workflows, examples for practical/innovative uses of QR Codes at the consumer level (that is, examples that don’t include those that are simply novel or anecdotal) have been disappointingly scant.

That’s why I love the concept in the video above.

Tesco/Homeplus Subway Virtual Store Video

In the Homeplus Subway Virtual Store video, you’ll see an innovatively practical use of QR Codes for the regular Joe.

My friend Matthew Gallizzi, CEO of mobile web solutions company NotixTech, shared the Homeplus video and spurred some interesting discussions in an online Facebook group in which he and I participate.  Some of us in the group — those who’ve traditionally been skeptical about the truly practical uses of QR codes for consumers — were roundly impressed with Homeplus’ implementation.  What do you think?

Do You Have a Consumer QR Code Example?

Do you know of anyone in your sphere of influence who’s successfully using QR codes in a mainstream way for their small business?

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  1. Jana Farman

    Last week I started using QR codes on my flyers and window signs for commercial real estate. When a window sign is scanned, it takes the user to more detailed information on the property. I hope to integrate more sophisticated use of QR codes into my business in the future.

    • Mel

      Thanks for sharing, Jana. Yes, I have friends in the real estate space who are experimenting with QR codes in their advertising. Like you, some have placed them on biz cards, flyers, yard signs, and so on. One thing they’re finding is the need to have some verbiage on the signage that briefly educates visitors about what a QR code is and how to scan one. Have you found this challenge to be true?

      • Jana Farman

        I put 1 sentence on my window signs that basically says, “to get more information, scan the code with a smart phone using a QR code reader app”. I assume that a smart phone user would know what that means. I don’t feel the need to explain what a QR code is. I do get questions on what the code is on the flyers when people call in. It’s a nice ice breaker too.

        I would like to see using the codes for something more exciting than pointing to a website, like the virtual store – that is awesome! I will be experimenting more.

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