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Now You Can Find Things Visually Using Google’s ‘Search By Image’ Feature

This post at the Official Google Blog: Knocking down barriers to knowledge, gives more details about some of the new search features Google's coming out with, including: Search by voice (I'm sort of hot/cold on this one.) Instant pages and not … Continue reading
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How to Remove the YouTube Logo With ModestBranding

Although it was already possible to remove the player control bar of YouTube videos you embed on your site, it was only last week that YouTube allowed you and me to remove the YouTube logo from the control bar itself. Here's how... Continue reading
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Highlights-Social Media Mastermind Orange County (SMMOC) Meetup

Here are the meeting highlights from the SMMOC (social media mastermind orange county) meetup on June 11, 2011. It's in an interactive "mindmap" format. Check it out; let me know what ideas it gives you for your own content creation projects. And, don't forget to follow all the cool peeps in the Attendees list! Continue reading
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Three Simple Storyboarding Templates To Organize Your Content Creation Projects

In this video / blog post I share some free templates and simple tools I use to plan and structure some of the online content I produce on Continue reading
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Here’s Something You Probably Don’t Know About Visibility For Twitter Replies

My friends Cindy Ronzoni shares an often confused point about '@' replies on Twitter. Most people believe that any tweet you post on Twitter will be seen by all your followers. In fact, that’s not always the case. It depends on where you place the '@' (Read on.) Continue reading
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Facebook – What’s the Difference Between the Newsfeed and the Wall? Part 2.

Yesterday, I addressed Part 1. It addressed one of the FAQs about the Newsfeed. In this video, I pulled another module from the Video Courses Library to address the second part of the question -- the Wall. Continue reading
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