Creating Screencasts on the iPad Just Got a Step Closer

This Screencast Was Recorded Entirely on the iPad

Techsmith Labs (from the company that makes the popular Camtasia, Snagit and other wonderful screencasting tools) is experimenting with a new iPad app that promises to give you and me some limited functionality for recording screencasts on the iPad.  You can download right now a free iPad app from Techsmith Labs called ScreenChomp.

Although FULL screencasting capabilities on the iPad isn’t yet available (not without jail breaking or purchasing add’l expensive hardware, anyway) this app does let you record a screencast on an iPad whiteboard that’s built in to the ScreenChomp interface.

I took ScreenChomp for a quick test drive and produced the short screencast video above.  Although I edited the final production in Camtasia Mac, the video footage itself was recorded entirely on the iPad.

By the way, if you were paying attention, then that bit about having edited the videos in Camtasia should generate some additional interest for some of you who are educators, screencasters and online content creators.  But, keep in mind, editing in Camtasia is entirely optional. You can actually produce, upload and share your ScreenChomp screencast directly from the iPad if you want.

Why This is Cool

I think this is a great development that’s a step in the right direction towards creating a more robust screencasting tool for the iPad.  I can already envision some online training presentations I can develop using ScreenChomp.  But, how about you?  Do you envision this helping you in any way for your online content creation projects?

What Do You Think Of Google Plus So Far?

If you’ve been wondering about Google Plus (Google+), Google’s new social network that promises to go head-to-head with Facebook, then you’ll want to take a moment to watch/listen to the interviews below.

The first is a video interview that my friend Cindy Ronzoni (CEO, Social Spread Media) conducted with mutual friends Stacey Soleil (CMO, Novimap) and Darin McClure (Corporate Media Strategist, Ready To Go Information Technologies) about Google Plus.

The second stream below is an audio interview, conducted by Robert Scoble, with Nathan Owens, an astute member of the Gen-Y demographic.

In the video interview above, Cindy, Stacey and Darin tackle the following questions:

  • What value is in Google+’s Hangout feature?
  • What value is in Google+ today for business integration?
  • The importance of your Google Profile
  • When would you say you would use Facebook vs. Google+?
  • From a practical perspective, how are you using Google+ today?
  • Can you customize your Google+ URL?
  • What are “Circles” in Google+?  What’s that all about?
  • How do you think we’ll be using Google+ six months from now?

Finally, I also found it really interesting to listen in on one Gen-Y‘ers perspective about Google+  Check out at least the first 3-1/2 minutes of the audio interview below.

Are You On Google+ Yet?

If you haven’t received an invitation yet to Google+ and want to check it out, drop me a line either through Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and I’ll send you an invite.  In the meantime, if you’re already connected on Google+, let’s connect.  And, let us know what you think so far.

Download the Interactive Meeting Notes From SMMOC’s July 9 2011 Meetup

SMMOC Interactive Meeting Notes (v-1.0)|1.79 MB|downloads: 891
You must use Adobe Reader (not 'Preview' or other viewers) to view this document. You know the drill. This is the interactive mindmap of the highlights from Orange County's Social Media Mastermind (SMMOC) group. It opens in an interactive PDF viewer. It has expandable branches and live hyperlinks to key resources. (If you find this useful, I'd appreciate you helping out by: 1. Liking the article above and 2. Telling your friends!)

The download above also includes links to key sites, people and photos of the white board notes from the meetup.  (Tip:  There’s also a 20% discount code for Blogworld LA that was passed to us from @BlogWordldExpo for pricing in the upcoming Blogworld LA on November 3rd.)

In addition to the meeting notes above, my friends Bob Watson, Stacey Harmon and Scott Schang also included their own video recap of the meeting’s highlights.

Facebook’s ‘something awesome’ is Skype integration

Facebook set some high expectations earlier this week when Mark Zuckerberg announced to reporters that they would be announcing “something awesome” today.  Naturally, that brought on a lot of speculation as to what that might be — including the suggestion of rolling out video chat. (Via Facebook’s investor relationship with Microsoft and the latter’s acquisition a few months ago of Skype.)  Indeed, that’s the case.

What Next?

It’s possible that you don’t yet have the feature enabled.  As they do with many of their new features, Facebook will begin enabling a smaller subset of their user base and then roll it out to more users over time.

Keep an eye out for the Call button when you navigate to the profile of one of your Friends.  Based on the videos above, you should expect to see it in the upper-right corner of your Friends’ profile pages and between the Message and Poke buttons.

Are you one of the lucky ones who have it enabled yet?