Facebook’s ‘something awesome’ is Skype integration

Facebook set some high expectations earlier this week when Mark Zuckerberg announced to reporters that they would be announcing “something awesome” today.  Naturally, that brought on a lot of speculation as to what that might be — including the suggestion of rolling out video chat. (Via Facebook’s investor relationship with Microsoft and the latter’s acquisition a few months ago of Skype.)  Indeed, that’s the case.

What Next?

It’s possible that you don’t yet have the feature enabled.  As they do with many of their new features, Facebook will begin enabling a smaller subset of their user base and then roll it out to more users over time.

Keep an eye out for the Call button when you navigate to the profile of one of your Friends.  Based on the videos above, you should expect to see it in the upper-right corner of your Friends’ profile pages and between the Message and Poke buttons.

Are you one of the lucky ones who have it enabled yet?

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