Creating Screencasts on the iPad Just Got a Step Closer

This Screencast Was Recorded Entirely on the iPad

Techsmith Labs (from the company that makes the popular Camtasia, Snagit and other wonderful screencasting tools) is experimenting with a new iPad app that promises to give you and me some limited functionality for recording screencasts on the iPad.  You can download right now a free iPad app from Techsmith Labs called ScreenChomp.

Although FULL screencasting capabilities on the iPad isn’t yet available (not without jail breaking or purchasing add’l expensive hardware, anyway) this app does let you record a screencast on an iPad whiteboard that’s built in to the ScreenChomp interface.

I took ScreenChomp for a quick test drive and produced the short screencast video above.  Although I edited the final production in Camtasia Mac, the video footage itself was recorded entirely on the iPad.

By the way, if you were paying attention, then that bit about having edited the videos in Camtasia should generate some additional interest for some of you who are educators, screencasters and online content creators.  But, keep in mind, editing in Camtasia is entirely optional. You can actually produce, upload and share your ScreenChomp screencast directly from the iPad if you want.

Why This is Cool

I think this is a great development that’s a step in the right direction towards creating a more robust screencasting tool for the iPad.  I can already envision some online training presentations I can develop using ScreenChomp.  But, how about you?  Do you envision this helping you in any way for your online content creation projects?

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  1. Pretty cool Mel! I think screencasting is going to be an awesome usage for iPads, once they get the tech right. It’d be great to use the iPad2’s front cam to embed a capture of the presenter.

    Quick question: At the beginning of your video, you’ve got a website up. Is that just a screenshot of their website that you were drawing over? Or can you pull up and walk through live websites?

    • Mel

      Hi Dave. I absolutely agree. In fact, the topic of screencasts (that is, true screencasting that captures the device’s display) on the iPad has seen a lot of active discussion on Techsmith’s GetSatisfaction forum. I feel we’ll some increased headway on this in near future. Until then, the Screenchomp app is a step in the right direction.

      Your question about the website I show at the beginning of the video is a screenshot. At the moment, Screenchomp only allows for displaying either a blank whiteboard or an image.

  2. Mike Kolody

    Hi –

    I want to use the ScreenChomp tool to share videos with my students in the way that you did above, as a video that can play directly from a website.

    I see how to share a video as an email or URL, but I don’t know how to get the video to YouTube or TeacherTube, or just a plain website where I would have something to share with students.

    I don’t need fancy effects or editing capabilities; I am thinking of just creating short two-minute math videos, or having students create them.

    How does the ScreenChomp work with Camtasia Studio? It is an expensive program, and probably too ambitious for my needs, but if that is the only way to do this, I guess I might consider it.

    Mike Kolody

    • Mel

      Hi Mike,

      In answer to your question, after you create a ScreenChomp screencast, the production will get uploaded to ScreenChomp’s site straightaway. Afterwards, you’re presented with a screen on your iPad that allows you to share a link to it. Options available to you are: to copy the link, email it, or tweet it out on Twitter.

      What I do is choose the option for email. I use that to email the link to myself. Then, simply use a desktop computer to follow the link where, in addition to being able to view your ScreenChomp screencast, you’ll also have the option to download it to your local desktop. It is that download file (an MP4 video file) is what you would subsequently choose to upload to YouTube.

      ‘Hope that helps! 🙂

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