Facebook Lists and Privacy – Don’t Rely On Your Friends To Hide You From the X-Factor

You Really Need to Learn About Facebook's Lists and Privacy Settings.  It's Important That You Do.

I feel bad for a friend.  He was a bit distressed because he discovered that someone (let's call him person-x) whom he didn't want to let on to his Facebook updates may, in fact, have seen his updates anyway.

This likely happened by way of my central connection in the triad.  That is, I was evidently "friends" with person-x.  (And, who the hell knows when that happened?  But, there it is.)  And, since my friend and I were also connected on Facebook, then it's likely the case that person-x had the opportunity to see my friend's posts, as well, when they popped up on person-x's newsfeed.  In fact, I'd say it's pretty darned likely.  (See also this related training video:  What's the Difference Between a Newsfeed and a Wall on Facebook.)

Don't Rely On Your Friends...

...Well, there's more to that header.

Like I said, I felt bad for my friend.  But, here's the thing: none of us--not you, not me, not Mark Zuckerberg himself, can rely on hoping that people we connect with on Facebook won't accidentally connect with person-x.  Not only is it not fair to lay this on your friends, more importantly:  it's also not prudent to rely on such a tenuous "security strategy."  Rather, you'll want to take more pro-active steps; specifically those that are more in your control.

Learn Also What the Facebook Privacy Settings Do.  Do It Now.

To that end, I posted a couple of training videos that I think will help.  One is at the top of this article.  The other is this video link about Facebook privacy settings.

I posted the Privacy Settings video on YouTube as "Unlisted."  That means you can only see by using the link I provided above.  The reason its unlisted to the general public is because it's a little outdated since Facebook's most recent updates this past summer.  But, you'll get the gist of it.  Though the look and feel have changed, the overall feature set is still mostly intact.  (There are a few more things there about how to apply privacy for tags, and so forth, but the crux of the privacy video is the stuff related to Manage Blocking.

The Bottom Line

If you've been putting off an understanding of Facebook Lists, Privacy Settings, and Newsfeeds and Wall behavior for that matter, then you'll want to take a few minutes to watch the videos referenced above.

Do it now.  It's important.

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