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SMMOC Meeting NotesDownload the interactive mindmap below.

SMMOC Interactive MindMap Notes - Oct 29, 2011 (v-1.1)|2.06 MB|downloads: 783
You MUST use Adobe Reader (NOT Mac 'Preview' or other PC 'viewers') to view this document. You know the drill. This is the INTERACTIVE mindmap of the highlights from the Social Media Mastermind Orange County meetup. It opens in an INTERACTIVE PDF viewer. It has expandable branches and live hyperlinks. Feel free to share this freely. (Copyright: Creative Commons-ShareAlike-Attribution-NonCommercial.) Enjoy!

In the last post I mentioned that Daniella Bolzmann and I would tag-team the live blog of today's Social Media Mastermind Orange County (SMMOC) regional meetup.

In addition to the live-blog archive feed you can still view from the last post which announced the SMMOC event, the meeting notes above will help you by presenting the key highlights in a visual summary.

If you've never seen a mindmap before, then you'll want to download the meeting notes above.  You HAVE to use Adobe Reader to view the file.  (In other words, even though it has the PDF extension, you can't use any 'ol software that just happens to read PDF files, too.  You have to use Adobe Reader because of the interactive nature of this particular file.  Good news, the chances are, you already have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  If you don't, you can get Adobe Reader for free on Adobe's website here. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about what I use to produce these documents, you can visit MindJet's site via the link below.  (Both Mac and PCs are supported.)

Tactics for Small Businesses

For my part, I absolutely enjoyed today's meeting.  In addition to seeing some old friends again -- including our good friend Eric Stegemann, the esteemed facilitator Bob Watson and his lovely wife Kathy -- today's discussions weren't just about the "gadget hack discussions" I typically tune-out on.  Rather, we really unveiled a lot of great actionable steps that small businesses can take action on today regarding tactics using:

  • video hosting - (YouTube vs. Amazon S3?);
  • how authors can self-publish and distribute their own eBooks;
  • live-blogging benefits and pro/cons of SEO and content ownership with live blogging platforms;
  • content distribution networks for global sharing of videos;
  • and, the controversy of Klout

Do You Know About the 'Secret' SMMOC Group on Facebook?

By the way, some folks have asked about joining the SMMOC group on Facebook.  It's a 'secret' group with a lot of great conversations about social tactics for small businesses.  If you want to join, I posted the tips about it in today's live blog archive.

Did you attend in person?  Or, did you attend via the live blog?  What were your thoughts about today's meeting?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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