Social Media Mastermind Orange County (SMMOC) Nov 5 2011 Highlights – The Nuclear Social Button and More Great Discussions

November 6, 2011

smmoc mindmap

Below is the interactive mindmap from the meeting yesterday at the Social Media Mastermind Orange County (SMMOC) roundtable.  Even if you're not a regular attendee of the SMMOC meetings, you'll still want to download the meeting highlights below and consider applications of our mastermind discussion topics to your life and business.

SMMOC Interactive Meeting Notes-11052011 (v-1.0)|5.63 MB|downloads: 714
Remember: You have to use Adobe Reader (NOT Mac 'Preview' or other PC 'viewers') to view this document. This opens in an INTERACTIVE Mindmap viewer. It has expandable branches and live hyperlinks.

Some of the highlights from yesterday's SMMOC meetup include:

  • The "Big Table" and Visual Gravity.  
    The gist:  Does it stifle intellectual exchanges of ideas when the opinionated ones sit at the big table?  Or, do others just need to learn when / how to speak up?  (What to you think?)
  • Headlines Matter and The Nuclear Social Button
    The gist:  Just because you can go nuclear with social media against a business, doesn't always mean you should.
  • Lessons Learned From a Fraudulent Experience on eBay
    The gist:  Is eBay doing enough to safeguard against fraudulent transactions?  What can buyers do to safeguard themselves?
  • Mission Statements and Viral Videos
    The gist:  Should mission statements be different for business and personal?  Should you use personal hert-felt videos to monetize the business?
  • The Curation Nation and the Role of Trust and Transparency
    The gist:  Trust and transparency isn't simply a desirable trait -- it's a survival mechanism.  When others break that trust for personal gain, we should call those people out.

Plus, these new words.

  • Proxemics
  • Foment
  • Exabyte
  • COI
  • ego-surving
  • Proxemics

One Request:

If you have opinions about the topics above, I'd encourage you to post your own blog article about them.  Then, please either link back to this post, or post a link to your blog article in the comments area below.  That way, we can keep a dialog going.

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