Top 10 Articles – Screencasting Wizard 2011

It's that time again.

I compiled a couple of "top 10" lists below, based on the analytics from the past year.

The first list shows the top 10 most visited articles in 2011 on  The second list shows the top 10 categorical search terms that organically brought visitors to this site.

I also found some interesting trends as I was scrubbing through the analytics.  Trends that I think you might find interesting, too.  I summarized those in the last section.

Top 10 Articles in 2011 - Screencasting Wizard

  1. How to remove the YouTube Logo With ModestBranding
  2. Three Simple Storyboarding Templates To Organize Your Content Creation Projects
  3. 5 Great Ideas for Using QR Codes to Build Your Network
  4. The Poor Man's Wireless Microphone: How to Use a Digital Voice Recorder As a Walkaround Microphone
  5. How to Embed a Non-Watermarked YouTube Video
  6. Facebook - What's the Difference Between the Newsfeed and Wall?
  7. Creating Screencasts on the iPad Just Got a Step Closer
  8. How to Remove Background Noise From Your Screencast Audio
  9. How to Link to a Specific Timecode In YouTube Videos
  10. What's the Best Way to Capture a Screencast for Best Resolution?

The top 10 keyword search terms (by category) in 2011 - ScreencastingWizard

I had to do a little niggling on this one.  Since many of the keyword search terms are actually variations on similar ideas (e.g., "youtube modestbranding" vs. "youtube modest branding" vs. "you tube modest branding," etc.) I was faced with the dilemma of either listing the actual search terms individually or rolling them up into related categories.  I opted for the latter.

While an understanding of the actual terms visitors used to get to the site is better for keyword optimization, for purposes of this post I was more interested in getting an overall view of the concepts and topics people seemed to be looking for.

  1. youtube modestbranding (48%)
  2. qr code ideas (16%)
  3. storyboard template (14%)
  4. differences between Facebook's newsfeed and wall (5%)
  5. the poor man's wireless microphone (5%)
  6. mel aclaro (3%)
  7. youtube time code (2%)
  8. youtube search engine statistics (2%)
  9. screencast ipad (2%)
  10. testimonial questions (2%)

Lessons Learned

It appears that many of our friends visit here to get tips about structuring, preparing and producing online content.  Specifically, video-based content designed for web distribution.

Free Templates and Interactive Mindmaps Were Huge

One eye-popper was the consumption rate for many of the free templates and interactive mindmaps I've made available.  Not the least of these has been the nearly 600 downloads for the simple 2-column storyboarding template I use for scripting videos, screencasts and online training content.

YouTube Parameters:  Do You Know About the Embedded Player Parameters Page?

Most interesting -- though not necessarily surprising -- was the popularity of topics related to the ways you can tweak the presentation of YouTube videos on your site.  The YouTube modest branding parameter, for example -- which allows you to suppress the YouTube logo in the player -- was especially popular.  This seems to confirm live discussions I've had with colleagues, many of whom need help with easy hosting strategies for video.  YouTube certainly is that.

But, it seems, too (based on my live discussions), that some professionals -- especially those who are speakers, authors, trainers, and the like -- also have an interest in hosting some videos that highlight their brand while not necessarily highlighting YouTube.  So, the use of the modest branding parameter certainly comes in handy.

But, hey, for those of you that are interested in many more custom parameter settings like that, then it'll probably help you to know about the YouTube embedded Player Parameters page.  That's a much more comprehensive listing of the various settings available to you in the presentation and behavior of YouTube videos you place on your site.

Audio Quality In Video Continues To Be Popular

My article about The Poor Man's Wireless Microphone -- an article I actually published  in 2010 -- continued to get a lot of visits this year.  I take that to be a refreshingly positive trend.

If you're like me, you probably get a bit tired of watching those crappy YouTube videos that have the tinny and echo-ey sounding audio; I think there's way too many of those out in the wild.  And it's a shame, really, because it's a relatively easy enough thing to fix.

So, I say it's a refreshingly positive trend because my hope is that more and more folks are paying better attention to audio quality.  If they do, then maybe video on the web will get better, right?  We can only hope.

I Wish You a Great New Year

Well, I certainly had a great 2011.  I enjoyed writing and sharing many of these articles with you.  I think I reinforce my knowledge every time I write these posts; I hope you get as much out of them as I do.

You can expect more from me in 2012.  In the meantime, I hope you have a safe and sane new year celebration.  And, on top of that, I hope you're all set up for a wonderful and opportunity-filled 2012.

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