Two Examples of How Creative Learning Design Spreads Inspiration

One of my friends over on Facebook re-posted the video below of Biola University math teacher, Matthew Weathers, who used a little creativity to engage his students.

Not Just a Little Creativity

Actually, it might be somewhat of a misnomer to say “a little” creativity.  Certainly, it speaks to a lot of creativity — which, despite the obvious technical talent involved in the post-production process, doesn’t itself (that is, creativity) require a lot of technical skills.

It seems to me that desire, passion and curiosity are the main ingredients for success.  With inspiration being a wonderful little byproduct.  (Despite a few snarky comments on Matthew’s YouTube wall from some haters who just don’t get it [there’s always gonna be haters, right?], I take comfort in Tim Ferris’ point about how it doesn’t matter how many people don’t get it, what matters is how many people DO.)  And, with over 4 million views and 18,000 “Likes” (to the smaller-proportioned 180+ “dislikes”), I think the numbers speak for themselves.

What About Inspiration?

And, to my point about creativity and learning sparking inspiration?  (Certainly it has already inspired me to spread this gospel by writing this post!)  Well, it appears Matthew’s willingness to share has already inspired others to take up the mantle of creative design in learning.

Check out Chris Wong’s simple project below.  (Tip:  What I think is particularly compelling is the reaction of his elementary school students.)

Finally, it’s worth pointing out the wonderful passion of creative teachers.  Consider this telling quote from Matthew Weathers’ “How To” video below when asked how he made his video:

“…a magician never reveals his secrets… BUT, I’m not a magician.  I’m a teacher! So I’d be happy to teach you how…”

What do you think?  Do you agree on the point of creative design in learning sparking inspiration?

Stop! Before You Start Anything This Year, Get Your Fix.

The 5 Steps to Helping You Get Your Personal Fix

5 Steps To Help Write Your Purpose Statement (v-1.0)|972.99 kB|downloads: 1515
From The 5 Steps to Helping You Get Your Personal Fix. Use this workbook to help you focus your business, content creation or "Digital Know-how" strategies.

unlocking the worldIn the world of nautical and aerial navigation, mariners and aviators commit to a regular activity throughout their trip to determine something called a position fix.  Or, quite simply, a “fix.”

In a nutshell, a fix is an hourly reading mariners and aviators take to determine their true geographic position.  (As opposed to a calculated/estimated position.)  But, rather than rely on instruments inside their ship to determine this position (called a “dead reckoning” position), a fix involves a special type of procedure that uses referenes outside the ship to determine position.  For example, celestial bodies, mountain peaks, light houses, sea buoys, satellites, etc. would all qualify as reference points for a fix.

The point here being that these professionals knew how important it was to occasionally — and regularly — employ a disciplined approach to comparing the ship’s position against outside reference points to confirm whether or not they were still on the course they initially intended to follow (called a flight plan or intended track).

In a similar way, personal purpose and values statements can serve as your flight plan.  And, by periodically revisiting the plan and comparing it against external / objective reference points (e.g., business metrics, market dynamics, competitive positioning, SWOT analyses, and so on), you basically give yourself an opportunity to plot a personal position fix to make sure you’re still on track with your intended plan.  Or, if not, then to determine whether or not a course correction — or plan adjustment — is required.

The PDF above is a free ebook in which I outlined the steps that can help you or someone you know focus and articulate their own fix, or statement of purpose.

Let me know if you find this helpful.  And, by the way, provided that you don’t change any of its contents, you’re otherwise free to pass along copies of the document above to others.

May you have a focused and prosperous new year!  🙂