SMMOC Meeting Notes – Feb 4 2012 – Is It Fair to Use Superbowl Buzz For Keyword Stuffing and Traffic?

SMMOC Interactive Meeting Notes - February 4, 2012

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Above is the interactive mindmap meetng notes from today’s SMMOC meetup.  Wherever you see the “+” symbol, just click it.  It wil expand that branch to show another layer of detail related to that topic.   Hint:  Click-and-hold to reveal the “hand” that will let you drag around the canvas.

Key Highlights:

  • Attendees.  Contains links to snapshot images with the addies for attendees whom opted to list their various social media addresses for: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.  These folks are power networkers and will welcome linking their network with yours.  (By the way, do you recognize the guy in the pic?)
  • Shiny Gadgets.  This groups the new tools that we invariable discuss in small bites during these meetups.  (Caution:  Potential time suck if you’re not strategic with your time.)  🙂
  • Twitter Chats.  The topic of twitter chats came up in discussion.  Folks at the meeting debated whether or not these were timesucks or not.  The consensus seemed to be that, when properly moderated and supported by a large network with common interests, then Twitter Chats can be a great platform for ideas and networking.  The #SMMOC back channel that goes on every Saturday morning (Pacific time) is one example of a twitter chat.
  • Current Social Issues.  This branch shows some of the more interesting topics of the social implications of social media and social business.  One of these is the topic raised by Loren Nason about the issue so-called copyright trolls.  Check out the notes on this and make sure to click-through the referenced website.
  • Marketing-related Discussion.  This grouping contains a lot of the discussion I usually find most interesting.  That is, the constant exploration of how small businesses can use the tools and techniques we discuss for the “forces of good” in their business or non-profit.  One interesting sub-topic here was the debate about whether — and how— small businesses should/could piggy-back on all the buzz around this year’s Superbowl XLVI in exchange for increased traffic and visibility to their blog or website?There was a bit of lively debate here with some of today’s attendees opining that it would be fair game to do so provided the theme chosen could be spun appropriately so as to be relevant to a blog or website’s niche audience.  Others said it they wouldn’t appreciate it; it would make them “Un-like” any such shenanigans.

What do you think?  Would it be appropriate for, say, me to spin Superbowl buzz for keywords and traffic on ScreencastingWizard?  (A little like what I did in the subject header.  See what I did there?)  😉  Would you appreciate it?  What would make it “okay?”

P.S.  Here’s another clue as to the identity of the guy in the image above.  (I’m gonna start calling him “John-the-Cyclops.”)

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