Screencast software tip – How To Zoom In To Different Parts Of The Screen At The Same Time


In this screencast software tip I answer a question about how I create a simultaneous zoom effect found in a couple of my video screen capture projects.  The effect is to focus on two different parts of the computer screen at the same time.

The V2 Zoom Effect

I’ve dubbed this the “V2 Zoom Effect” because it requires at least two video tracks (“v1” for video track 1, and “v2” for video track 2) to pull it off.  It also requires key-framing clips on each track simultaneously with different zoom settings.

When to Use This Effect

v2 zoom effect - when to use

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This effect is helpful in cases where zooming in on one part of the screen would otherwise cause another critical part of the screen to disappear off-frame and away from view.  Use this effect when you want to show details of changes that become visible in other parts of the computer screen when settings are made in the subject software on another part of the screen.

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