(Ep. 6) Best Screen Capture Software Comparison Series – CamStudio vs. Screenr

This is the last episode in the Best Video Screen Capture Software Series.

If you’re just jumping into this series, then you’ll want to start with Episode 1: Six of the Best Screen Capture Software – Compared.  You’ll also want to subscribe to my updates on this blog so you get notified when new updates come online.

In this episode:  My recommendations about CamStudio and Screenr for video screen capture

Here’s the high level:

Two questions I get asked a lot is “…which video screen capture software do you recommend…?”  The other one is, “…are there any free software you’d recommend for recording my computer screen…?”  I answer both questions in this video.

Here’s the summary:

  • Screenr – for free video screen capture software to record Q&D-type (“quick-and-dirty”) screencasts
  • Camtasia Studio – for professional grade video screen capture software if you’re using a PC platform
  • Camtasia Mac or Screenflow – for professional grade video screen capture software if you’re using a Macintosh platform
  • Snagit – for capturing the occasional (and highly frequently used) stills on your computer screen

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Comments (3)

  1. Randy Dickinson

    Hi Mel,
    This is great stuff. I recently looked at screencast-o-matic as a quick screencast solution. It has HD presets and its really user friendly. There is a free version and the pro version (I spent 30 some dollars) is really nice. 

    • Thanks Randy.  I’ve been wanting to update the series with the addition of a couple softwares — including screencast-o-matic and the latest Camtasia Studio (v8).  Thanks for reminding me…  🙂

  2. sarahcollins

    Try screenpresso its highly recommended.

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