[Off Topic – 4th of July Bonus] Freedom Resistance Cooperation – What I Valued From SERE School

July 4, 2012

This is an off-topic post. I wanted to take just a couple of minutes to wish you a happy fourth of July / Independence Day celebration and to also share a few of my thoughts about the values I reflect upon on a day like today: freedom, resistance, and cooperation.

SEREIn the video, you’ll hear me mention having spent some time inside a mock prisoner of war camp. This reference is to the military’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape) program. A few friends and I had the pleasure of “vacationing” there for a week a number of years ago as part of our naval aviation training program.

But, the gist of the story is that, it is at SERE is where some of my strongest memories about the themes of freedom, resistance and cooperation were formed. And, while the idea of freedom is a value we each share with each other in the U.S., as is the notion that our payment of it is rooted in resistance, it is the point of cooperation — a value that I think is just as important in the ideals of independence — that I regret seems sorely missing in the state of our nation today.

My hope for today is simple: I’m glad that freedom is valued in all corners of our society. I’m encouraged that we celebrate the active resistance that sparked the embers of our independence. And, though others governing our nation today seem to have lost the spirit of cooperation, my hope is that it isn’t lost at the grassroots level — where the rubber meets the road — where you and I — my friends — live.

Freedom, resistance, cooperation: I wish you a happy day of celebrating our nation’s independence.

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