DevLearn Day 3 Keynote – My Cameo With Keynoter Dayna Steele – 101 Ways to Rock Your World For Success [audio]

In this keynote, Dayna Steele gave the conference attendees a few tips of parting wisdom from her book, 101 Ways to Rock Your World.  


  1. Passion – gives you the courage to try things and to make it okay to fail.
  2. Do your homework.
  3. Do things for other people without expecting anything in return.
  4. Be brave.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  5. Appreciation.  Take time to say, “thank you.”

How I Actually Co-presented a Portion of This Keynote Presentation With Dayna Steele (sort of)

DevLearn12 Keynote – Dayna Steele

I actually have a cameo with Mrs. Steele in this session.  It comes at about the 24:30 minute point when, after having “asked” a half-dozen or so members of the audience for a dollar each, she returned to the stage and drove her point about not being afraid to “ask.”  Well, of course, ever the good student that I am, I was anxious to show her that I was indeed listening.  Take a listen.  🙂  

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  1. Dayna Steele

    Your timing is impeccable! Thanks for being a part of the show.  I should take you on the road with me 🙂  @DaynaSteele:twitter 

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