How To Record and Synchronize Video Screen Recordings From Two Monitors


A great question was asked by one of my viewers about recording videos on dual monitors.

Hi there I am looking for a solution for recording Dual monitors in seperate videos if at all possible? For instance I want to show myself editing Audio and syncing it to a Picture which is on another monitor seperately. I need to be able to show both Monitor videos simultaneously. Is there an easy or cheap way of doing this? thanks!

The answer is yes.  Though there are ways that hard-core video professionals do this with video boards and other peripheral hardware.  (If you’ve done this before, I’d love it if you shared a link with information about the hardware you use and how you set up to capture your multiple video and audio sources.)

But, for purposes of screencasting, all you’ll need are two different screen recording software.  One software (e.g., Camtasia) should be setup to capture activity on one monitor, while a totally different other software (e.g., Screenflow, Screenr, GoToMeeting, Webex, etc.) would be used to capture activity on the second monitor.  Audio capture should be on, as well, on both software.

The trick, though, is getting set up properly during the recording phase (i.e., “production”) so that you’re in a position to sync up both video clips later when you edit them together (i.e., “post-production”).

In the video above, I show you how I did this using Camtasia and Screenflow on a Mac platform.  However, you can also do this even if you’re set up on a PC.

Check out the video and let me know if it helps.  Also, if you’ve done something similar to this, I’d really appreciate you sharing your technique in the comments below.  Share-share alike, right? 🙂

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  1. jitendra

    Hi, I have a problem if I duplicate the display(not extent it) then how i can capture both monitor. plz help……………

    • Hello Jitendra. The same technique I show in the video for recording two monitors will work even if you don’t extend the display. The main thing is that to use the technique I show in the video means you will need two video screen capture software… One software to record one monitor, a second software to record the other monitor. Thanks for your question. I hope my answer helps!

  2. jitendra

    Hi mel, I tried ur technique but it not works I am using nvidia quadra fx card when I extend the display urs tutorial is helpful because the mouse cursor goes to both monitors and I select the screens with two different screen record programs but when I duplicate the displays the both monitor has same displays so selecting both monitor display it not possible because the another monitors only shows what is happening in primary monitor when i use any screen recorder its only record the primary screen interesting thing i have a software when i duplicated the displays it show different display in both the monitor i what to record the both monitor video seperatly. But how I do it…….i don’t know ……need ur help

  3. jitendra

    ok which softwares I use for windows who automatically detect the both monitors

  4. jitendra

    then I set i recorder for 1 screen and second recorder for second screen

  5. jitendra

    Hi Me, I am not satisfy I think it impossible to make 2 separate videos with two monitor attach with single computer, If I extended the display its easier to select both monitor with two different screen recorder software but when we duplicate the display the secondary monitor show the primary monitor display and the screen recorder software only detect the primary monitor display……….other wise if any solution plz tell

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