Techsmith Screenchamp 2012 Winner – Best In Category

winnerBest In Category: “Wildcard” Is…

(Ahem.) Yours truly.   😎

The thing I liked particularly about the Techsmith/Screenchamp Best In Category contest is the fact that the winning videos were chosen by a panel of non-Techsmith affiliated judges.  And, I have to admit that it’s pretty gratifying to be recognized by a body of my peers for something I did professionally.  (Usually I’m just getting yelled at about something I did UN-professionally.  :mrgreen: )

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Screenchamp 2012 Judges

This year’s judges included:

Rushton HurleyRushton Hurly (@RushtonH).  The lead speaker and trainer for Next Vista for Learning.  Among other distinguished accomplishments, Rushton is also the founder and executive director of Next Vista for Learning, which houses a free library of videos by and for teachers and students at

Steve Garfield


Steve Garfield (@SteveGarfield).  A videographer and video blogger based in Boston, Massachussetts.  He is lauded as one of the internet’s first video bloggers, having launched his own video blog in January 2004.  Steve is also the author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business.

Scott SkibellScott Skibell (@ScottSkibell).  A professional screencaster, Scott is the founder of through which he helps individuals and organizations create videos, screencasts and eLearning.


Okay, with all that said…

My having won one of Techsmith’s Screenchamp Best In Category awards isn’t the reason I continue to champion Techsmith’s products.  Rather, it’s the fact that they listen — and aren’t afraid to listen to criticism if it means feedback that will help improve the product line.

In fact, if you take a gander at my video entry then you’ll recognize it is one in a series of reviews about various screencasting softwares.  And, this one was actually a bit critical (though constructively so) of Techsmith’s Camtasia Studio (version 7) product.

But, to their credit, this didn’t stop Techsmith from trumpeting it as loud as any of the other category winners.  In fact, especially poignant to me wasn’t really the fact that this video was selected as a Best In Category winner, but rather it was The Forge host Matt Pierce’s (@PierceMr) statement at about the 09:44 point in the video above where, in response to a judge’s observation that my video’s content was actually quite critical of Techsmith, Matt in turn says,

“…(T)here’s something really refreshing about having that honesty… And I know as an organization that makes it so much easier to respond to that…”

(Of note:  It’s worth pointing out that, since having published that video review, Techsmith soon rolled out Camtasia Studio version 8 — which included upgrades that directly nullified each of the points about which I criticized version 7.)

It’s yet more evidence of the culture of listening that makes me gush about the Techsmith gals and guys.  (*Sniff* *Sniff*) See why I’m such a fan?

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  1. Mel – Great video and congratulations! Very deserving.  I was definitely taking notes on how you produced your video.  It reminded me of Grumo’s training style which I also enjoy.  Continue in success,  -Ron

      • Thanks, Mel.  I can’t make all my videos that way, but you certainly have a winning formula that you can reproduce over and over.  

        After hearing what the judges had to say, I thought about changes I would make in my videos.  Is there anything you’d change about how you produced your video?

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