The never ending quest for quality audio: What microphones do you recommend?

What microphone(s) do you recommend?

microphonesWell…?  Yes! That’s a question for you.  What microphones do you use when you create your screencast, web video or e-Learning projects?  And, would you recommend it?

Quality audio is a never ending quest isn’t it?  The topic of recommended microphones comes up fairly regularly.  It came up again recently in this LinkedIn thread. (Note: Login might be required.)

For my part, I often switch-off between…

  • Blue Microphone’s Yeti (desktop USB condenser microphone)
  • Samson CO1U (also a desktop USB condenser mic)
  • Audio-Technica ATR3350 (a wired lapel mic which you see me using in a lot of my “picture-in-picture” + screencast videos)
  • A $35 Plantronics headset with boom mic (I can’t even find a link to it anymore because they’ve probably stopped making whatever model this is that I have)

And now I’m waiting for a Shure FP Wireless pack.  (FP5 is the receiver. FP1 is the transmitter.  And it comes with a WL 183 Lavalier microphone.)

Why all the different microphones?

How to record video of your iPad screen and synchronize it with other screencasts

I just posted a new training video in the members area at the Digital-Know-How learning library; it answers the question about how I recorded the iPad screencast from the “sneak peek” video I posted the other day.

About the digital-know-how learning library

That training video, along with the Picture-in-Picture training video series (fyi: login required), lays out how I go about synchronizing media clips like the iPad screencast with other media elements like the video window you see above.  The same synchronization technique can be applied again to synchronize yet another screencast, or potentially yet more media elements, into the same presentation.

While the step-wise details are sorta locked down behind the member wall, I can tell you about the software I used to pull it all off.  While some of us may still be learning about it, the utility itself isn’t a secret.  It’s been out since about last summer.

Mirroring Utility To Display the iPad On Your Desktop

Camtasia Studio v8 vs. Camtasia Studio v7 vs. Everybody Else

Episode 7 – Camtasia Studio v8 – Series: Best Screen Capture Software Comparison

(Click the “gear” icon for higher resolution)

This is an update to last year’s “Best Screen Capture Software Comparison Series (episodes 1-7)”  This update includes the addition of Camtasia Studio version 8 (CS8) to the mix.  The series remains surprisingly popular here on the blog and also on my YouTube channel.

In the original series, I included Camtasia Studio version 7 where, despite CS7 being the 200 pound gorilla for screencasting software in the Windows/PC space, it still ranked an overall 3.5 out of 5 on the “Mel-rank.”  The biggest impact came from it getting beat up on the “Mel-rank” for CS7’s very limited number of audio and video tracks.

But, with CS8, that has all changed.

Check out the video above to see how CS8 stacked up against CS7 in the “Mel-Rank.”  Meanwhile, you can see the whole series below.

Series (all): Best Screen Capture Software Comparison