How to record video of your iPad screen and synchronize it with other screencasts

I just posted a new training video in the members area at the Digital-Know-How learning library; it answers the question about how I recorded the iPad screencast from the "sneak peek" video I posted the other day.

About the digital-know-how learning library

That training video, along with the Picture-in-Picture training video series (fyi: login required), lays out how I go about synchronizing media clips like the iPad screencast with other media elements like the video window you see above.  The same synchronization technique can be applied again to synchronize yet another screencast, or potentially yet more media elements, into the same presentation.

While the step-wise details are sorta locked down behind the member wall, I can tell you about the software I used to pull it all off.  While some of us may still be learning about it, the utility itself isn't a secret.  It's been out since about last summer.

Mirroring Utility To Display the iPad On Your Desktop

reflector app as discussed in the digital-know-how learning librarySquirrels' ReflectorApp utility was the piece I used to mirror my iPad's display with with my MacBook Pro.  (It works, too, with the PC.)  Then, I used Telestream's Screenflow to record a screencast of the iPad mirror that was displayed on my Mac's desktop; I used Screenflow too to edit the final video with all the individual media elements.  (Audacity was used to tweak the audio a bit.)

Each of those pieces were easy enough pull off individually as far as that goes, but the trick is really about the process I used for synchronizing all those media elements so that they mesh together seamlessly when online learners/viewers play the final video.

how to record a video of your ipadI find ReflectorApp to be one of them sliced bread utilities that was central to this type of presentation.  It wasn't too long ago that in order to pull off the trick of recording a screencast of your iPad, you had to first figure out how to open up your computer and install video cards.

Now, all the hardware installation is pretty well moot.  If your presentation requirements are pretty simple — that is a straight/single-media type recording of your iPad with no other synchronized media to go along with it, then production is pretty straightforward. Just head over to the website, install it on your desktop and connect both your PC (or Mac) and iDevice to the same WiFi network, and you’re on your way.

Have you recorded a screencast presentation using the iPad as your screencast subject?  I'd be curious to hear how you used the iPad screencast presentation? (Was it to demo something or teach a topic, for example?)  I'd welcome hearing how it worked out.

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